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Our Services

Since 2016, Florida Development Corp has successfully developed, marketed, and constructed properties throughout Florida by marrying its local expertise and network of professionals with the business acumen of its principals. Due to our integrated in-house resources, we work collaboratively across disciplines to offer a unique perspective on real estate and community and economic development. Our collective portfolio includes a broad range of residential development, commercial, business incubators, technical assistance programs, and retail and mixed-use developments.


Real Estate Development

Our projects take into consideration the customer needs, and existing surroundings and harmoniously blend into the community. Our attention to detail distinguishes our services in the marketplace. Our experienced and dedicated team work alongside you to manage financial costs, explore building system alternatives and review zoning and permits. FDC is the customers' best friend. 


Community & Economic Development 

FDC works with organizations and municipalities to revitalize communities, develop and rehabilitate affordable housing, promote sustainability, attract investments, build wealth, and encourage entrepreneurship and prosperity in low-income communities. Learn More about FDC's Entrepreneurial Program by Clicking Here.


Property Management 

FDC is driven by our values in providing consistent communication, transparency, and state-of-the-art technology.  

Whether you have a condominium, cooperative (co-op), or Homeowner Association, FDC can assist with service that is proactive rather than reactive. Our team of professionals includes property managers who make regular visits to -and report on- your property, an office staff that handles all the communication and paperwork, and an accounting department that ensures your financial reports are accurate & timely with all monies being collected and bills paid.


225 Lincoln Ave 

Lake Wales, Fl 33853





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